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Jaguar XJ-S 6.7L ‘Forward Engineering’

€ 29.950,- | 76.607 km | 1975 | Benzine

This Jaguar model XJ-S produced September 1975, is one of the absolute first of it’s kind: this is car number 327 ever produced.

Designed by Malcolm Sayer, who was an aircraft engineer during wartime and later automotive aero dynamist. The XJ-S never perhaps achieved the same iconic status as the E-Type, but it was acclaimed for its Heynes / Hassan / Knight designed V12 performance and comfort, luxury and grandeur as a grand tourer. Often referred to as “The silent cat”.

Forward Engineering

By Ron Beaty

This car has been, after a lifetime in Norway, been totally restored at David Marks Garages, who is a well-known Jaguar expert in the UK. The car is taken apart completely, all bodywork has been checked and repaired and it was repainted beautifully.

The front and rear axle have been removed, dismantled, media-blasted and built up new with new bushings and joints. The differential has been rebuilt as well. The brake system has been rebuilt completely: rebuilt calipers, new hoses, lines, rotors and pads. The steeringrack has been rebuilt and brand new stainless steel exhaust was mounted. The undercarriage is thoroughly protected against the elements and the hollow sections have been rust-proofed with wax. Nothing was spared during the restoration.

The interior was re-upholstered in beautiful beige leather, the seats we’re upgraded with Recaro seats: the comfort and seat position is excellent. The front headlights we’re changed to US-spec. It features the original bumpers and all the trim appears in great condition. It was fitted with multi-piece BBS rims and a Nardi steering wheel was fitted.

More info on David Marks Garages can be found here, the gentleman has been restoring Jaguars professionally since 1991. and his reputation:

This XJ-S has a rare engine built by Ron Beaty. It’s totally modified 6,7 Liter engine with Cosworth pistons. The wasnt dyno’d but is estimated to deliver over 450 Horsepower. A little info about Ron Beaty’s ‘Forward Engineering’; In the ’60’s he formed the company Forward Engineering which made him a household name in the Jaguar world, creating the greatest engines to power the British and World water speed records. Mr. Beaty worked with Brian lister and together they created the famous Lister XJ-S and set many track records. Fun fact: the original TWR XJ-S’s were also ‘Forward Engineering’-powered, as well as many small-volume constructors like Panther.

The car comes with multiple original XJS brochures and folders, all in excellent condition.

The car is sold on behalf of our customer.

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