BMW E36 325i

BMW 525i

€ 29.950 | 1982 | Gasoline

1982 BMW E28 525i 5-series

  • Dutch-delivered BMW E28
  • 060 Polaris Silver
  • Navy Blue Velours interior
  • 2,5L M30 525i Automatic
  • 44.915 kilometers from new
  • Amazing, non-restored conditiion
  • 1 Owner, 1 Collector
  • Mostly original paint
  • Incredibly straight
  • Feels and drives New!

Just 44k kilometers on this original-owner 525i

The E28-Series is considered by many, including myself, as an iconic BMW and a great 5-series. It combines a very comfortable 4-door sedan, elegant 80’s BMW-styling and a great driving experience thanks to a superb engine and suspension.
The car came to the market in 1981, this is an 1982 model. The car was owned by Mr. Zwiep from new, and he took ownership very seriously. Every service (from 1982-2016) was done at the same BMW dealer.

This BMW 525i Automatic was delivered new on the 10th of February 1982 and drove with Dutch plate HL-76-JG. Mr. Zwiep from Lisse ordered at the car at BMW dealer Boekenroode (Now Van Poelgeest BMW) in Heemstede, the Netherlands. The car was ordered in 060 Polaris Silver over a Blue velours interior. Ownership and service was taken very serious. Mr Zwiep owned the car up til he gave up driving – 2016. All services were performed at the selling dealer. To be 100% sure Mr. Zwiep noted the names of the workshop foreman (Mr. Ribbers), the name of the specific mechanic that worked on his car (Mr. van den Plas) and the service manager (Mr. Fonteijn).To give you an idea:

the car had 3 services in 1982 at the selling dealer. Every stamp is present. When the service book was ful of stamps, they proceeded in the back of the booklet. The car wasn’t driven when snow or rain was predicted. Yes, the forecast was checked before a drive. The owner stayed a day longer on holiday because rain was predicted for the way home. The result? This 525i is 100% original. The car has no rust, has no accident damage and has never been welded. The paint is almost completely original. Measurements included in the pictures – Doors on left side we’re repainted perfectly. The doors shut beautiful. The chrome on the front and rear bumper is still like a mirror. The BMW servicebook asks for a body-check-up after 5 years. This was done in 1996 with the mechanics’ remark: “Perfect condition, Concours”. 

The engine-bay is beautiful as well. Still a deep yellow color on the passivated hardware. The airfilter housing is deep black and scratch free. The orange BMW sticker is still on the original spot on the washerfluid-container (which is still nice and clear). The correct rubber flaps are mounted over the air-ducts. The cover over the fusebox looks new, which it is, but 40 years old.

The trunk is just as original and perfect. Very clean upholstery and mat. The tools tray is clean and complete. The original jack has never been used. It shows the original, never-used spare wheel. The original BMW first-aid kit is present too.

The interior of the car is ofcourse 100% – as one may expect with 44k kilometers. The steering wheel has good texture, all the switchgear feels tight. The seats sit perfectly, no squaks whatsoever. The carpets are clean, the headliner is untouched, the floormats are as new. All ash-trays have never been used as is the cigarette lighter. No usermarks on the strips, original doorjambs. Using the stalks for indicator and wipers is very convincing: never felt them this tight. A true time capsule.

So is the driving experience. Having driven many E28’s – i was blown away. So smooth, so silent, so easy. The engine is very smooth and silent.

Service History

Delivery Miles- 8-21982 – Handover inspection – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
1985 km – 2-6-1982 – 1st Inspection 2000km – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
5037 km – 1-11-1982 – BMW Inspection I – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
6797 km – 10-8-1983 – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
x km  – 23-5-1984 – BMW Oilservice – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
12972 km – 18-3-1985 – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
15127 km – 28-10-1985 – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
17197 km – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
17497 km – 23-9-1986 – Yearly BMW Check – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
18425 km – 30-6-1987 – BMW Oilservice – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
19790 km – 6-4-1988 – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
22063 km – 18-5-1990 – BMW Inspection I – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
22645 km – 20-05-1992 – BMW Inspection I – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
23707 km – 6-9-1994 – BMW Inspection I – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
24127 km – 16-8-1995 – BMW Oilservice – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
24457 km – 15-8-1996 – BMW Inspection I – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
26181 km – 1-9-1999 – BMW Inspection I – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
26781 km – 2-8-2000 – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
27890 km – 21-8-2001 – BMW Inspection I – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
28870 km – 27-8-2002 – BMW Oilservice – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
29779 km – 16-7-2003 – Yearly BMW Check – Autobedrijf Boekenroode
30997 km – 1-9-2004 – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Van der Plas (same place, new name)
31691 km – 20-7-2005 – BMW Oilservice – Autobedrijf Van der Plas
32650 km – 20-6-2006 – BMW Inspection II – Autobedrijf Van der Plas
34155 km – 15-5-2007 – BMW Inspection I – BMW Van Poelgeest (same place, new name)
35267 km – 20-5-2008 – BMW Inspection II – BMW Van Poelgeest
36560 km – 26-5-2009 – BMW Inspection I – BMW Van Poelgeest
38007 km – 17-5-2010 – BMW Inspection I – BMW Van Poelgeest
39685 km – 14-6-2011 – BMW Inspection I – BMW Van Poelgeest
40812 km – 30-5-2012 – BMW Inspection I – BMW Van Poelgeest
42344 km – 12-6-2014 – BMW Inspection II – BMW Van Poelgeest
42877 km – 7-9-2016 – BMW Inspection II – BMW Van Poelgeest 

In 2016 Mr. Zwiep had given up driving. From 2016 to 2022 the car was owned by a BMW Collector. The car was featured on these Blogs:

Octane Magazine – E28 Zeitkapsel
Niels’ Garage – BMW 525i 

Collectory quality BMW E28 5-series now available!

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