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BMW 2002 Tii

€ 62.500| 1975 | Gasoline

1975 BMW 2002 Tii in 085 Chamonix White over Marine Interior

On offer is this beautiful Matching Numbers 2002 Tii that was restored extensively and beautiful!

1975 BMW 2002 Tii

  • Italian delivered Tii
  • Matching Numbers 
  • 085 Chamonix White
  • Marine Blue Vinyl/Cloth
  • Restored Axles, Brakes Suspension
  • 71.394 km / 44.362 miles
  • Fantastic new paintjob
  • Restored wheels & tires
  • Very original interior
  • Gone through and tested

Exceptional 2002 Tii
This BMW 2002 Tii was manufactured in Bavaria and delivered to BMW Italia in Palazzolo and first registered on the 3rd of February 1975. The car was ordered in 085 Chamonix White over a Marine Vinyl/Cloth interior with green tinted windows. A very classy color combination. The car was then sold new through BMW Concessionaria Automarket S.r.l in Castellanza, Varese, Northern Italy.

We have found this car in Bari, all the way in southern Italy. The car has received a ‘sympathetic restoration’ based on a very very healthy car. How do you mean? – A beautifully straight body with a solid and original undercarriage. The interior is all original. Retaining it’s original interior, but looking as beautiful as in 1975.

The car’s body is beautiful and was repainted completely. This was done excellent, to a very high standard and ofcourse with all trim and windows off. 085 Malaga is the original color for this car. it received a complete, full paintjob including engine-bay, trunk and undercarriage. Done exceptionally well.

A nice and solid body that hasnt seen any bodywork – proper shutlines and the correct fold in the sides. The doors, fenders and trunk nicely fit and line-up. Perfectly straight and non-repaired doors, original front fenders and fascia (without snorkel). Furthermore original floors and sills – lovely, a non-welded body.
On and around the body it shows nice chrome accents in great condition. The chrome-trim around the car presents nice as well as the trim around the windows. Nice and clear headlights in deep-black grilles and brand new blinkers. New windows seals, emblems, strips, and roof-trim in exellent condition.

The engine bay was repainted beautifully. The matching numbers engine runs excellent and has received lots of love, more on that below. The engine bay shows original decals, vin tag and restored airfilter housing. New hood insulation,

The interior of the car is mostly original and aged beautifully. The later, square taillight cars were available with these part vinyl, part cloth blue interior. Here it’s all original. A crack-free dashboard with the Tii clock and correct 220 km/h instrument cluster. Nice doorpanels, a clean original headliner and original one-piece loop-style carpets. On top are beautiful OEM BMW Coco floormats. The seats wear their original vinyl, the foam padding has been restored and they sit very well.

The trunk was also repainted and all the panelling has been recovered in the correct grey vinyl. A steel spare wheel with new tire. Jack and tool are present. The trunk looks amazing and exactly as in 1975.

The restoration was very done very thorougly and precisely. The fit and finish is very good, proper panelgaps and correctly installed trim. Windows installed in new gaskets and with new chrome fill piece. Technically the car was completely gone through; Front and rear axle and struts repainted. New shocks, fresh bushings and steering very well. We’ve gone through the car bumper to bumper and its looks and drives beautiful. Starts up right away and the engine makes good power, the 4-speed transmission shifts nicely and roadholding is excellent. All functions work as it was tested, tried and driven.

In short: 

  • Complete repaint in Factory 085 Chamonix including Trunk, Engine Bay and Undercarriage
  • Fantastic original and solid body – no bodywork performed
  • Restored set of 13” BMW wheels w/ new tyres
  • Front + Rear Axle removed and Painted
  • New shock absorbers Front + Rear
  • New Brake hoses
  • Restored brake calipers, new rotors and pads
  • Replaced brake cilinders rear
  • New Brakefluid
  • New bushings for shifter mechanism, seals, hardydisc
  • Differential Oil + Seals
  • Transmission Oil
  • Belts
  • Tie-Rods + Alignment
  • New exhaust + exhaust suspension
  • Matching Numbers engine
  • Re-sealed, ultrasonic cleaned and set up Kügelfischer pump
  • New Oil + Oilfilter, Airfilter, Fuelfilter
  • Valve adjustment
  • Complete of new waterhoses
  • New Waterpump & Thermostat
  • Ultrasonic cleaned & Tested Fuel Injectors
  • New Fuel hoses 
  • New Fuelpump
  • Ignition Cap & Rotor + Sparkplugs
  • Several Gaskets
  • Battery
  • Alignment
  • Repaired heaterbox and blower
  • Original User Manual
  • Now ready for the next 49 years. 100% serviced and ready to be enjoyed.

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