BMW E36 325i

BMW 1600 Touring

€ 29.950 | 1972 | Gasoline

The father of all BMW Tourings – The 1972 BMW 1600 Touring

Beautiful Touring in beautiful color combination: Chamonix white over a Blue/Marine interior!
Matching numbers and running fantastic.

  • Italian-delivered 1600 Touring
  • Chamonix white
  • Beautiful paint
  • Very original car
  • Rare Touring model
  • Major service done
  • 107.436 kilometers / 66.757 mls.
  • Matching Numbers

BMW’s first Touring

This BMW 1600 Touring was built at BMW’s plant in Bavaria on the 23rd of February 1972 and was built for BMW Italia S.p.A, delivered on the 29th of February ’72. Delivered in this color – Chamonix white as confirmed by BMW Classic Archive. In the summer of 2022 we have bought a beautiful collection of 70’s BMW’s from Northern Italy. A beautiful storage, temperature and moist controlled filled with BMW’s from the 50’s to the 90’s. This Touring was part of it since 2012 and was taken great care of. We have bought this Touring and brought it to Oldenzaal. 

Why? We’re always interested in high quality 02’s and they are rare. High quality 02 Tourings are even scarcer. The car is a very original, not heavily restored, a surviving 1600 Touring in a beautiful condition. The original, matching numbers engine runs excellent. A nice and straight body with original bodypanels – doors, fenders, front-fascia. The undercarriage is very clean, very healthy, not welded and showing original floors & sills. The Chamonix paint has been redone a couple of years ago which was done to a high standard. Smooth white paint without blemishes.

The interior is beautiful as well. The seats have been reupholstered with blue vinyl, the doorpanels are brand new OEM panels. A nice crack-free dash and a neat headliner. Clean carpets and the original 3-spoke steering wheel.

The engine bay is looking beautiful. The original engine – matching numbers – is running excellent. It runs very smooth. Starting up nicely, eagerly revving, not leaking and smoking. Behind that is the factory 4-speed which shifts very precise and easy. The suspension is tight and the steering is precise, really a joy to drive. As mentioned below we have really put in a lot of work on the technical side of this Touring.

We’ve completely gone through the car in our workshop. All fluids, gone through the carb, the ignition and making sure it drives and brakes excellent. What we’ve done in short:

  • Valve adjustment
  • Carb tuning
  • Oil + Filter
  • Sparkplugs
  • Airfilter
  • Breakerpoints
  • Cap + Rotor
  • Fuelfilter
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Re-sealed differential
  • Center driveshaft bearing
  • Gearbox Mount
  • Re-sealed Gearbox
  • Shifter mechanism bushings
  • Front main seal engine
  • Center tie-rod
  • Front Brake hoses
  • Rear Brake hoses
  • Rear brake shoes
  • Wheel brake cylinders rear
  • 4 new Tires 185/70/13
  • Complete set of coolant hoses
  • Coolant
  • Clutch cylinder
  • Washer pump
  • Oil pressure switch
  • Front wheel bearings

Now ready for the next 50 years.
100% serviced and ready to be enjoyed.

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