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These classics already enjoy a new owner

We have restored many BMWs completely. While others just had the finishing touches added. In this section you will find our portfolio, neatly filtered by category. From the 2002 Turbo, the 320iS, to the ‘Fullcabrio’. It is a family of cars that we are never going to forget. Each classic car is different and offers an exceptional experience when you drive it or admire its beautiful lines.

We love to share our passion for classic cars with you. That is why we have a complete page dedicated to all the classics we have ever sold.

The hall of fame

Sold classics on their way to new adventures

Below an overview is given of all our sold classic cars. Click on a specific category to see all sold cars of that model. Please note that there are lots of pictures on the website so it might take a bit longer to load them.

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