BMW E36 325i

BMW 2000 CS Neue Klasse Coupé

€ 49.950 | 1969 | Gasoline

Der Vater aller BMW 3.0 Coupés - Der BMW 2000 CS

A beautiful BMW from the New Class – A 1969 2000 CS – What a beauty!

  • Italienisch geliefert 2000 CS
  • 037 Fjord Blue
  • Original nummerngleicher Motor
  • Sehr solides Originalfahrzeug
  • Technisch überholt
  • 53 years old
  • Überholte Bremsen
  • Originalböden, Fensterbänke
  • Completely sorted
  • Hervorragendes Beispiel

Neue Klasse Coupe

In 1965, BMW ended production of their Bertone-bodied 3200 CS coupé, the last of their line of V8 powered luxury cars from the 1950s. BMW decided to continue with a coachbuilt coupé. Based on the New Class platform, the 2000 C and 2000 CS introduced the 2.0 L version of the M10 4-cylinder engine and replaced the 3200 CS as BMW’s flagship model in 1965.  This BMW 2000 CS was produced at BMW in Bavaria on the 3rd of November 1969 and delivered to BMW of Italy on the 7th of November. The first owner opted for the CS model –  the 4-speed Manual Dual-carb 120 HP model. The 2000 C is single-carb, automatic model, a different animal. This very car was first registered on the 27th of February 1970 and sold new to Miss. Rosario Gatto (born 1915) from Firenze, Northern Italy.

Via our ‘Italian connection’ we have found this CS in Parma, Northern Italy. Since 2014 the car was port of a big collection of vintage BMW’s of the 50’s through the 90’s. All high-end cars, stored in a beautiful storage with controlled temperature and humidity. The car is one of the nicest, straight 2000CS’s i’ve seen. A non-restored body, great panelgaps and beautiful brightwork.

The body is very original and has its original floors and sills. A front fascia in very good condition and original inner-fenders / A-pillars. Original doors, fenders and great panel gaps overall. This car hasn’t been apart completely and has grown old as a whole. In the 00’s the car was painted in this color – 037 Fjord Blue. The Fjord paint has a deep gloss and ofcourse all trim and windows have been taken out. The trim around the car is beautiful and shows very little scratches. Very bright headlights, beautiful kidneys – the car makes an amazing impression. Very good chrome on straight bumpers.

The engine-bay is not restored, yet has been repainted – all the original metals. The matching numbers engine runs excellent. The engine is lively and makes a great noise breathing through the Solex 40mm carb’s. We’ve performed a major service, more on that below. The result is a fully functioning, perfect driving BMW 2000 CS. The engins idles nicely and is eager through the revs. The 4-speed shifts perfect. The suspension is fresh, rides nicely and corners taught. We’ve gone through the brakes and mounted 4 new tires.

The interior is actually very very original – now 54 years old. The original carpets, headliner and doorpanels. The dashboard consists of the original vinyl and wood – non restored and original. Just the facings of the seats and rearseat have been redone several years ago – perfectly executed.
 Stunning to see an interior this original being 53 years old. 
The same goes for the trunk. The original trunk floor with the original panels covered in grey vinyl. All 54 years old. On top is the original velours mat in black – the same as the carpets.

Wir haben eine gründliche Inspektion durchgeführt und alles Notwendige an dem Auto getan. Sowohl technisch als auch kosmetisch in ausgezeichnetem Zustand. Kurz und gut:

  • Vergaser gereinigt und eingestellt
  • Öl + Filter
  • Luftfilter
  • Zündkerzen
  • Points
  • Cap
  • Rotor
  • Condensator
  • Plug wires
  • Ventileinstellung
  • Differential Mount
  • Center tierod
  • Ausrichtung
  • Shifter Mechanism bushings
  • Brake fluid replaced
  • Coolant + Heater hoses replaced
  • Batterie
  • 4 new Tires
  • Kraftstoffschläuche

Now ready for the next 53 years. 100% serviced and ready to be enjoyed!

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