Welcome at Oldenzaal Classics

The classic car company that combines expertise with enthusiasm and topnotch service.
Like many, we have started out of a love for great classic driving machines. It is this love that has kept us growing, ever since we started, to the full-fledged company we are today.
Although the size of our company has changed, our business ethics certainly have not. It is, and always will be, our passion of being able to offer you the one car you have been looking for, for so long. Whether it is German engineering or French ‘’Joi de Vivre’’. We’ve got it!
Your dream becomes reality and the car you had hanging from your wall on a poster now suddenly is parked on your driveway. We are firm believers in “Quality over Quantity’’, a car should not simply be a car. No, it has to be a car we would love to drive ourselves.


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We are your partner for virtually any car. Cars which have had full restoration with meticulous attention to detail. But on the other hand we have cars for the real gear heads as well. Men who love nothing more than getting their hands dirty and spending their hours underneath their car. Our stock is regularly filled with several great restoration projects for which every car aficionado would gladly trade in a couple of their spare hours.
However, the main part of our stock is designated for the classic car buff who wishes to have fun while driving his daily kilometers in a classic car without the high costs or spending a fortune on maintenance. When compared to driving in a standard ‘’dime a dozen’’ car every day, genuine oldtimer-fun is the way to go. At least, we think it is.

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Techno Classica 2017

Also this year we will be present: Techno Classica 2017. In April 2017 you will find us in Hall 12 of the enormous Messe Essen building. This is the World show for Vintage, Classic and Prestige Automobiles. On this event you will find the most beautiful, expensive and most exclusive cars. 127.000 square meters of what 100 years of automobiles have brought us. 

Also this year you can expect cars of which we are known. Think of Turbo's, Ti, Tii and Cabrio's,

We'll see you in Hall 12!


Techno Classica 2016

Techno Classica in Essen, Germany: Also known as as the fair of all fairs, and not for nothing:
• 120.000 square meter
• 1250 exhibitors
• 200.000 visitors from 41 counties!
• 5 days

The most exclusive, the most beautiful, the most expensive and the fastest cars. Everything is here. Also this year we will be a part of it. On the same spot as last year, right next to the stand of BMW AG, our specialty. We will be in Hall 12 with around 8 classics from Bavaria of the highest level.

From wednesday afternoon the 6th of April until Sunday evening the 10th of April we wil be in Hall 12. Please come to visit us. We will be ready to meet you, just like our earlier customers who we'll meet in Essen every year. Techno Classica really is the fair where enthusiast come to from all over Europe.

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Relaxed atmosphere at a professional fair: Klassikwelt Bodensee

From 12 to the 14th of June we’re, again, present on the Bodensee in Germany. We’re present at the ‘Klassikwelt Bodensee’-fair to be precise in Friedrichshafen. Last year we had a very good and pleasent fair. A relaxed atmosphere, nice weather and good business.

To be direct: This year was no different! Shook hands with many clients. This year we brought some good stuff, mainly from the BMW collection. The fair reflects a high level and a relaxed atmosphere. We would like to thank the organisation for a perfectly arranged fair. Succes for everybody; organisation, visitors and exhibitors.



Next stop: Klassikwelt Bodensee

The next fair where our cars can be seen will be the in Friedrichshafen, beautifully situated at the Bodensee, starting the 12th of June, till the 15th of June. This fair is a wonderful event, suited for visitors of all ages. Are you visiting this fair, known for its laid back atmosphere, do not hesitate to stop by us. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Techno Classica 2015: in review

We have returned from a very pleasant Fair in Essen. This event, which has truly lived up to its nickname ‘’The fair of fairs’’, was of a very high level with beautiful classic cars literally everywhere.
This fair was, just like last year, a great success. For example, we sold more than half of our cars during the fair. Besides this stunning feat it also was a lot of fun to meet some of our customers again and catch up with them at our stand, while enjoying a drink. On top of that, we also met a lot of new people and expanded our network greatly. There for, you can look forward to seeing even more unique classic cars on our website in the future. We hope to see you again next year in Essen.

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Techno Classica

After the great succes of last year, once again we will be present at the epitome of classic car fairs, the Techno Classica in Essen. 5 days, more than 1250 stands and over 120.000 square meters of floor area.

Oldenzaal Classics has been growing rapidly over the last year, so the organization deemed it appropriate to assign us a stand fitting to such growth. We will be going all out with a stand of more than 175 square meters with cars that are truly pristine. What to expect? Marvelous classics, for instance 3 generations of BMW Coupé’s. Besides that, we will have some stunning 2002’s on display, and to top it all off, we will be bringing something very special from Stuttgart as well..

Starting Wednesday afternoon April 15th until Sunday evening April 19th, we can be found in Hall 12, right next to BMW’s stand. Please, don’t hesitate to stop by! We are already looking forward to meeting you, just like we hope to see many happy returning customers at our stand.
Techno Classica is rightly so the fair where old-timer fans from all over Europe come together.


Oldenzaal Classics goes international

Like many of you know, our trades are not confined within the Dutch borders, and this won’t change in the future. That is due to the fact that we will be located in Gildehaus, Germany, starting this October. About 15 Kilometers distanced from our starting grounds, Oldenzaal. We will be moving to a new building with a beautiful, large showroom, from where it is possible for us to keep growing. What can you expect? Nicer presented cars, on a location that is easier to acces and a good atmosphere. Everything is possible, with clear communication!

Our showroom will be opened from the 1st of October, during business hours.. Do you wish to visit us in the evening or during the weekend, than that is possible too. Please give us a call beforehand.

Autohistorie in Duisburg


This October, Oldenzaal Classics will be attending the HistoriCar convention in Duisburg. Not only to meet with our German customers again, but also to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere the authentic convention location offers, an old steelfactory, deep in the Ruhr region. However, we will also be attending of course to show approximately 8 beautiful cars from our collection to the visitors of the HistoriCar convention. This event has a relaxed and calm vibe and offers jaw dropping exhibits for literally every visitor. There will be replacement parts stands, but also high-end restored classics that will put you in awe. On top of that, there will be trucks, motorbikes, car-clubs and many more. In a nutshell, everything for the restoration of Oldtimers.

Or, like the Organisation says: ‘’Leidenschaft teilen im Ruhrgebiet!’’
(Sharing enthusiasm in the Ruhr region)


More information about the convention can be found here here.



Succes and fun near the Bodensee

From the 23rd till the 25th of May, Oldenzaal-Classics attended the classic car convention ‘’Klassikwelt Bodensee’’ with several of her cars, which took place in Friedrichshafen. At this convention, everything that was classic could be seen. The combination of not only cars but also classic airplanes for instance attributed to an amazing experience for literally every visitor. The organization of the convention was spotless and cars were being offered for sale in every price range, so no one had to go home empty handed.
The ‘’Klassikwelt Bodensee’’ was very successful for us, several cars switched owners, and we are looking back on our days in Friedrichshafen with great joy. There for we will be attending ‘’Klassikwelt Bodensee’’ again next year.



Klassikwelt Bodenseelogo

From May 23d until May 25th we, and our classic cars, will be on display in Friedrichshaven (Germany) at the classic car convention ‘’’Klassikwelt Bodensee’’. At this convention one can gawk at everything classic. More than 380 stalls with participants from more than 13 countries will try their very best to gain your attention. Their effort will be in vain, since you will be knowing that we, with 9 truly unique classics, will be in hall 5A. Whether you just want to have a chat or a professional (purchase) advice, do stop by! Coffee and tea will be waiting for you and we are looking forward to your visit. More information about the convention can be found here.

Techno Classica Essen

TCE Logo UKFrom May 26d until May 30th we were at the Techno Classica Convention in Essen (Germany). Around 190,000 automobile enthusiasts streamed into the fair halls and on to the outdoor site. The range offered by the around 1,250 exhibitors and dealers was more diverse this year than ever before: 27 makes from the international vehicle industry presented themselves to the public from all over the world; around 2,500 vehicles were on sale. With around 220 registered classic vehicle clubs, Techno-Classica 2014 was once again the world's biggest forum for classic vehicle clubs. Not only was this convention genuinely interesting, several of our cars changed hands to some very happy customers. All in all, a very successful week! We will surely be present at next year’s Techno Classica Convention. More information about the convention can be found here.