At Oldenzaal Classics we specialize in Vintage BMW's. We buy and sell all over the globe and restore these Classics BMW's in our own workshop in Oldenzaal. The Netherlands. We have highly skilled team, many parts on stock, have an in-house upholsterer, metalworker 5 full-time mechanics. We do full bolt-nut restorations as well was part-restorations. Now and then a client from anywhere in the world asks us to do something special and we deliver. Below are some of the projects we have recently finished. 


BMW 2002 Tii  - Golf Yellow - Sunroof - Alpina A4S Tribute

For a regular customer we are building this 2002 Tii. The base car is an original Golf Yellow car with a Sunroof. The car is now back from body and paintwork and we're currently assembling it. This car will be a fully built Tii, with a highly tuned engine, a Limited slip differential, a 5-speed gearbox and Bilstein suspension. 







BMW 2002 Turbo #4290236 - Chamonix White - Sunroof 

Built on 12-3-1974 and sold via BMW Italia S.p.A on 22-3-1974 in 085 Chamonix white. Our specialists found this Turbo near Torino, Italy where it was parked since 1982 from where it was brought to Oldenzaal to start a complete, concours restoration by our experienced team. 

  • The base is incredible: all original body panels, first paint. Factory sunroof. 
  • Top-notch, fully stripped Paintjob - Outside, inside, underside
  • Assembled with all new OEM parts. New Glass, Rubbers, Chrome
  • Seals, Trim, Lights, Grilles, Emblems, Spoilers, Decals
  • Matching #'s Rebuilt Engine with new Pistons, Bearings, Seals, etc.
  • Rebuilt Injection, Injectors, Ignition, Turbo, Starter, Alternator etc.
  • Rebuilt Gearbox
  • Axles Powdercoated & New Hardware, Bushings, Joints, Rods, Rubbers 
  • Bearings, Bilstein Shocks, Springs, Shafts
  • Rebuilt brakesystem with New/Rebuilt Master Cylinder, Rotors, Pads, Calipers, Hoses and Lines








Finished product, A mint condition, concours quality 2002 Turbo



BMW 3.0 CSi - Türkis Green

For months we are in the process of restoring the Italian delivered 3.0 CSi in the extremely rare color Türkis. Along the process a returning customer came by and bought the car. We are now finishing the car to a beautiful level. 



BMW 2002 Tii - Riviera blue

We're currently in the process of restoring this super solid, super dry Italian 2002 Tii. It has the very rare color Riviera blue. 









BMW 1600 Convertible - Colorado Orange - #1558550

An extremely rare '02. Only 1672 examples of the 1600 Convertible were built, this car is in factory original Colorado Orange. This car was restored to brand new condition.








 BMW 1600 Convertible -  Polaris Silver - #1557771

One of only 1672 examples built. Extremely high level restoration of this 'Vollcabrio'. Matching numbers, matching color, complete with BMW Classic Certificate. Now complete ready, 100% finished and already sold.









BMW 2002 Turbo - Chamonix white - #4290162

Another, extremely rare car. The 2002 TUrbo was built only 1692 times. Only very few car came with a factory sunroof. The car is currently being restored to concours condition. The body was taken back to bare metal, an incredibly level of fit and finish thanks to the very skilled guys in our workshop. 









BMW 2002 Turbo - Chamonix white - #4290268

For our client from NY, who previously had the silver 2002 Turbo built, we have built this Chamonix white, Sunroof 2002 Turbo, restored to Concours condition.

The finished result was used for our 2017 Christmas card!

The process:



BMW 3.0 CSi #2261939. 

This German-delivered 3.0 CSi was in our storage-facility for many years, when Mr. Dippold from germany told us he wanted a perfect 3.0 CSi E9. And that's what we did, this factory Polaris-silver 3.0 CSi has been bolt and nut restored by our team. All work, apart from the paintjob and engine rebuid, was done in Oldenzaal by our team. 












BMW 2002 Turbo #1203

A client from New York saw our quality Turbo's pass by on the internet. He decided he wanted an even more perfect one and contacted us with his wish. We built him the ultimate 2002 Turbo. He came, he saw, he loved it. He drove around Europe for 10 days (even on the Nürburgring) and brought it back to us for shipping to NY. He loved it so much, he ordered a second Turbo, this time a white one!

The restoration was based on a Turbo shell that was taken back to bare metal and painted, competely in original 060 Polaris silver Metallic. Everything on and under the car is brand new. A rebuilt engine, a 5-speed Dogleg gearbox, rebuilt Limited slip differential. All new suspension and powdercoated axles. All trim, rubbers and glass is brand new as well as all new (or plated) hardware.